Male Grooming or ‘Pig Maintenance’ (as dubbed by Queen Zoë Foster-Blake)



A few months ago, I was messaged by a friend who wanted to know what to go was with male skincare and grooming. Male and female skin requires the exact same ingredients and attention to have it looking healthy and clean, and only occasionally do men need to add watching a boxing match or driving a monster truck to their regime – once or twice a month should be enough.

there are only a few lucky people that get by with splashing their face with water every morning and night and I’m almost sure there must be some form of wizardry involved in this. For the rest of us mortals, sticking to a good routine with quality products with ingredients that work for your age, skincare concern and skin type will have your skin looking its best. Here’s a quick skincare cheat sheet:

Skin For Teenagers:

Ah yes, hormones. Unfortunately, this is a time in your life that can be a bit of a battle in terms of skincare. The thing with hormonal breakouts is, you can’t really stop them. Much like a bad haircut, there’s not really much you can do until you grow out of it. You can, however, take steps to reduce the severity and long term impact of your breakouts.

Oily/Acne Prone- Cleanse with a cleanser that contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Salicylic Acid is a BHA which is one of the only things that are able to penetrate into the pore and clean it out. Follow with a toner or astringent to make sure that all the cleanser has been removed from your face and pores are clean. Finish with a light moisturiser that contains no SPF (this can block pores overnight and you’re much better-adding one over the top)

Normal- Dry – Cleanse with a cream cleanser that will keep your face clean and balanced. 1-3 times a week it is also a good idea to use an exfoliant of some kind to ensure you aren’t getting a build up of dead skin (swimming in salt water is another way to exfoliate). Use a moisturiser over top to make sure your skin is protected from environmental aggressors – especially if you have been to the beach and add sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to UVA/UVB rays.

Sometimes even if you don’t struggle with all over acne, there is still a chance you can get the odd breakout -still, probably due to hormones- they suck. If you are finding this is happening, but only occasionally and only in certain areas, a topical cream or gel that contains salicylic will be enough to help.

Skin For Adults

Even though there might not be any issues that you specifically want to target (like acne) it is still important to keep good skincare in mind as you start to lose natural collagen and elastin year by year. (depressing isn’t it) and if you want to have any hope of looking as good as George Clooney, pay close attention to these two simple daily things you can do to keep your skin looking its best.

Step 1. A good cleanser. A lot of jobs involve getting dirty and all that muck on your face can wreck havoc on your skin. Even if you keep your hands a little neater on the day to day, you are still exposed to environmental pollutants, your skins natural oils and general griminess. At the end of the day, a gentle wash with a non-soap based cleanser will make sure that your skin remains clean.

Step 2. Find a moisturiser that is simple and effective. If you find yourself getting slightly shinier throughout the day, opt for an oil-free or a gel moisturiser. If you find that your skin feels tight and dry, find something richer and thicker in consistency.

Other Tips:

Don’t be too afraid to use lip balm, better that than cracked smackers.

Maintain your hairstyle. Whether it’s shoulder length hair or it’s so precisely gelled that you look like your ready to ask a catholic priest permission to wed your fiancé, nothing looks better than a guy who knows what kind of style he likes and knows how to do it.

Brush your teeth regularly, pretty self-explanatory.

If you feel like you need to, get your brows shaped. As someone who has worked with male models I know for a fact that the man on the front of that vogue covers your girlfriend has on her bedside table participates in brow maintenance. I also know that there is potential he asked to have gold shimmer sprayed on him pre-shoot (I know this because I’ve also had the job of standing in a bathroom with a half naked 6’4 man, spraying him with the same suga baby shimmer spray my older sister use to use before parties.. )

There are also lots of brands designed specifically for men to be easy, simple and no-fuss in general. Worth a look in your local Mecca Cosmetica at a brand called Malin and Goetz if you’re interested!

Top 4 Fragrance’s


If there is a compliment greater than, wow you smell amazing you’ve got to let me know because as far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the most heart fluttering things someone could say. Fragrance is something you can use to define yourself and have people remember you by. I know my mum smells like J’adore by Dior, my sister smells like Black Opium by YSL and after a long day, my stepdad smells like Corona.

Personally, I am very picky with fragrances, can’t be too spicy, too woody, too girly or too this smells like something you clean a toilet with… *cough* Chanel Number 5 *cough*.

Here are my top 4 fragrance items that have passed the test of my extremely fussy taste!


Alien- Thierry Mugler

This is my absolute favourite. It is unlike anything else I have ever smelt before and believe it or not, it took me about four years to purchase it! (I have however only had one day since then that I haven’t worn it..) This EDP has notes of Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran wood, amber gris that combine to create a scent that leaves you wanting more. Next time you stroll past David Jones, try it out for yourself. If you can wait as long as four years to purchase it like I did, I’ll give you a prize.


Mojave Ghost – By Redo

Luxury brand By Redo is renowned for its unique, minimalistic and evoking fragrances. By Redo- which roughly translates to English as by reminiscing, was started by an artist who designed and drew inspiration for his fragrances by different memories or ideas. Mojave Ghost is designed for a flower that grows in the Mojave Desert. It is floral and woody at the same time, giving it a feminine feel with a strong edge. It also has a matching hair fragrance that amplifies the scent!


Oh Lola! – Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! Launched in 2011 and is described as lively, playful, irresistible, stylish and cheerful. It is quite a sweet fragrance that has fruity and floral with a hint of an aquatic scent. It’s an amazing scent for summer if you like smellin’ a lil bit sweet!



Another one of Marc Jacobs floral fragrances, Daisy is fresher than Oh Lola! and slightly less fruity. It dances on the edge of being classic but still modern and definitely doesn’t over power. Again, another amazing summer scent that looks beautiful sitting up on a vanity!

Hopefully, you have some new fragrances on your ‘to smell’ list for Christmas! By this time of year, you may even be able to grab some the perfumes in gift sets that come with some extra bits and bobs. You may also be able to put it on your Christmas wish list.. thanks, Santa 😉


Finally On Board the Loving Tan Train

I feel as though I am about three years late with this but I finally went and bought myself Loving Tan yesterday.

As someone who lives on the Gold Coast, there is definitely a bit of pressure to have that fresh off a tropical holiday golden glow. If you are like me and can only develop a natural tan after an entire summers worth of pool and beach days (using the proper SPF protection) we have to get a bit more creative.

The solution? TAN IN A CAN.tumblr_inline_myg7wpk4zj1rlpk9c

Not all tans are the same however, and I have tried my fair share of tans and can say hand on heart, from 5 minutes after I put this on, Loving Tan went to #1.

  •  This beauty dried in 5 minutes with zero post application stickiness!
  • The guide colour is nice and dark so you can easily see where you are applying it (which makes it much less likely you’ll make mistakes),
  • It doesn’t have an offensive fake tan smell to it.
  • The colour is a natural olive so you don’t have to worry about looking like a walking cheesy puff.
  • It comes in 8hour and 2hour developing times with medium, dark and ultra dark finishes.
  • It is safe to use on your face and will not block pores.
  • It is the only at professional strength at home fake tan

Jump online and have a look at what the company also have to offer with their tanning accessories. Im personally a fan of their tan removing and skin polishing glove that scrubs off old fake tan and leaves your skin super soft!

*Make sure you moisturise with a fragrance free moisturiser everyday to ensure the tans longevity!*

Enjoy your bronzed skin beauties!

Microdermabrasion 101

More popular than an acai bowl with a low fat soy mocchachino on the Gold Coast, microdermabrasion’s are fast becoming the trendy new pamper procedure, but what exactly is it doing? How regularly should you be getting it done? When will my boyfriend notice my new haircut? Grab yourselves a pen and paper, I’m about to unmask a few of these mysteries.

Microdermabrasion- lets just break down the word Micro (small) Derm (skin) Abrasion (Abrasion-but you got that part). A microdermabrasion is a procedure in which very, very, very small crystals are sprayed on the skin to gently remove the outer layer of the skin. Simply put, it is a skin rejuvenation procedure. It feels like a vacuum moving over your face and you leave feeling like you’ve really revitalised your skin. If your regular physical at home exfoliation is level 1, a microdermabrasion is a level 4. Not as strong as a straight dermabrasion (lets call that level 8) but definitely a major step up from your at home situation.

It helps with things like;

  • Minimising pore size
  • Decrease the appearance of superficial hyper pigmentation
  • Improve the absorption of skin care by up to 50%
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Shallow acne scarring


Is it an essential?

In Short:

Clients under 25 not necessarily….

Clients over 25 yes!

For anyone under 25, your skin regenerates by itself on a monthly cycle. New skin cells rise to the surface of the dermis all by themselves (cleaver little cells). Sometimes,  microdermabrasion can have a stressing effect on young skin, as it tries to keep up the production of cells, and create more trouble than good.

Over 25’s are starting to develop different skin. By the time they reach 40, their skin turn over process will start to become more of a 2 monthly cycle. Microderm’s will help speed this up- which is why clients will say it makes their skin look younger! Eureka!

My best recommendation for younger skins is to think about the other amazing facials and exfoliation procedures out there! I would highly recommend facials that contain fruit enzyme peels they are gentle but still tick all of the big boxes (pore minimising, brightening, scar reducing).

Obviously its up to you what you do with your skin, you know it best and are the best person to asses weather a procedure like this is good or bad for you skin.


Your New Go-To


If Australia were to have their own Kate and Wills, I’m going to say it would be Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake. The comedic couple reign supreme over most of Australia’s hearts and well they should. Talented, funny, parents to the most adorable most adorable son(ny), down to earth (plus Hamish even has a bit more hair than William).

As if being the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t enough, Zoë has gone and created a Go-To skin care solution for women everywhere. After spending years as a beauty editor and receiving feedback that women were confused and overwhelmed with all the beauty choices on the market, she decided to create a skincare brand that was easy to follow, natural yet powerful and a little bit cheeky. She even recently created a line for her more manly customers called Bro-To, because men have manly skincare needs, and sometimes a cute peach bottle just doesn’t cut it. What an angel.

(Here’s a picture of another blessing to the Australian social sphere holding his Bro-To Press release kit)



Pinky Nudie Lips!  Was my first Go-To Skincare purchase. I wanted something that I could wear hassle free that would look pretty, but would also do some cosmetic heavy lifting and give my lips some lurve during the cold winter months. The colour has been tested on light skins to dark skins to ensure it looks universally flattering. I was so impressed by this I had to buy  Lips! which is it’s slightly more plain but equally as restorative and hydrating sister.


Next cab off the rank was Face Hero, and man was I impressed. This was my first face oil (that wasn’t a cleanser). Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that something like this would solve most of my skincare problems. This was during a time my skin was punishing me for some unknown reason and I was experiencing a bit of a breakout. I popped this on the night I received it in the mail and I kid you not, my skin was 50% back to normal the next morning. (So much so I remember doing a double take in the mirror). It smells beautiful and contains no nasties that irritate the skin (PEGs, Petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances, mineral oils sulfates, silicones, GMOs) making it perfect  for anyone with sensitive skin. Full of antioxidants, this deeply hydrating oil is your skins new bff.

Bonus Tip: Anti-oxidants prevent free radical damage. Put simply, free radicals run around stealing your skins youth. (Not totally the same but not dissimilar to the hamburgler).


My latest purchase is the very useful face cream. what really intrigued me about this product was how protective it is. For me, ‘protective’ has never been a buzz word when it comes to skincare. I don’t know why though because it damn well makes sense! (Especially with all those nasty hamburglers   free radicals running around. It’s only a new product for me, so before I rave about it- which I’m sure I will, let me put it through its paces.

I don’t know what the official royal thank-you is in Australia, but holy moly go-to is a great brand.

I Always Fall For Your Type…


The makeup world is full of beautiful colors, from fire hydrant reds to deep plums and vibrant oranges. Yet here I am having to openly admit that yes, I bypass these beautiful colours and am immediately drawn to the earthy tones and  end up falling for the same damn colour I fell for last time. I, Madeline, admit, most of my lipsticks and eye shadows range from brown, to taupe, to cream to nude. How thrilling.

Nude colors definitely do have their place in your makeup bag though. Particularly in Australia, many of our major faces are fans of nude shades. Unlike some of the more exciting colour choices, nudes give you a more natural earthy feel that feed right into the classic Australian beachy/girl next door vibe we see splashed all over Marie Claire, Harpers Bazar and Vogue Australia. See Below for some Australian beachy/girl next door vibe inspo (aka vibespo)

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Fun morning with the beautiful @rebeccalharding & @danielpstylist for today's photoshoot #melbournemakeupartist

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The beauty industry has figured out a million shades of (lets call it what it is) brown, and you have the luxury of picking ones that were practically made for you.

Have fun with nude colours, they enhance beauty in ways other shades could only dream of. Think about your eye colour, skin undertone or if you don’t know that, your preferred jewellery colour (silver – cool toned nudes or gold- warm toned nudes) when choosing your perfect hues and don’t stop looking till you find it!

(And no matter how many times your family rolls your eyes at you because you’ve bought home another lipstick that “looks like all of your other bloody lipsticks” I’m right there with you, keep on collecting sista).

 Here are my top picks for nude shades.

Pinky Nudie’s:

Pinky Nudes.jpeg


Suratte Beauty Automatique Lip Crayon- Celestine 

Chanticaille Hydro Chic – Fairy Moss 

MAC Glaze- Hue 

Hourglass- Femme Nude Stylo- No. 6

Brownie Nudie’s



MAC Luster- Jubilee 

NARS Audacious Lipstick- Barbra 

Ultimate Companions



MAC Lip Pencil- Spice (remember when Kylie Jenner mentioned this and there was a world wide shortage..)

MAC Lip Pencil -Soar 




Stilla Eye’s are the Window to the Soul Palette- Mind 

Too Faced Natural Matte 



I can’t ‘Bare-live’ I’ve Never Used This Before


IMG_1410 2

As the title suggests… I can’t believe its not butter I’ve never used this brand before. In particular, the foundation and concealer. Sure I’ve seen it around on YouTube and whenever I walk into a Mecca Maxima/Cosmetica store but it’s never been more than a bit of a flirt (colour swatch here and there) . A few days ago, I decided to take our relationship to the next level and I’m pleased to announce that (unlike some of my previous relationship decisions) I’m extremely pleased with the result.

  • Full Coverage
  • Kind To Skin
  • Easy To apply
  • Non-‘cakey’
  • SPF15


Although I’m in a committed relationship with NARS Sheer Glow and the other products I discussed in my post on how to Ace The Base last week, summer in Australia can sometimes be challenging for makeup lovers due to the fact we are located approximately 1.5km away from the sun. Which is why I am so glad I have stumbled across this gem.

In summer, because of the heat, sun and humidity, your skin can find itself in a less than ideal state and the last thing it needs is foundation’s suffocating it making matters worse. The beauty of the Bare Minerals- Mineral Powder Foundation is that the minerals in the foundation are nothing but GOOD for your skin. It provides full coverage whilst still being light enough to allow your skin to breath and blurs any lines or imperfections (but somehow still allows those cute lil’ freckles on the nose that practically scream summer to come through) providing the perfect no-makeup look.

How To Use for Optimum Amazing-ness.

  1. Prep skin according to skin type for ultimate longevity


(Dry Skins Prep with moisturizer & hydrating primer, I also recommend using the Original Formula of the mineral foundation. Combo/Oily Skins, prep skin using moisturizer and blurring or pore refining primers. I recommend using the Matte formula if you want a matte finish/slightly more longevity and the Original Formula if you love a bit of a glow)

  1. Tap Product into the lid and using a brush, swirl and then tap the excess off.
  1. Starting from the outside of your face, work in towards the center of your face to make sure you get the most warmed up and creamy minerals in the center of your face
  1. Evenly spread the powder over the face repeating steps 2 &3 when necessary
  1. If you feel like you have too much product, clean your brush off and start buffing over the areas you feel that you need to remove product. (Um how good is this?! What other foundation can you tone down once you’ve gone OTT without ruining the rest of the foundation?!)
  1. Admire your flawless skin in the mirror and wonder when you’ll get the call to be the next face of Victoria’s Secret you naturally beautiful bastard.


As for the concealer, the combination of its lightweight serum consistency and its full coverage makes it a total winner for me. It also works amazingly on top of the mineral foundations! Who’d have thought it!


Add it to your shopping list for summer and check out all the other Bare Minerals items that are summer ready too! (Complexion Rescue is next on my hit list…)