Summer Skin Staples

I’ve got a quiz, what do Jen Hawkins, Lara Bingle, Blake Lively and Jacinta Campbell all have in common? Ridiculous pieces of eye candy for boyfriends/husbands?.. Yes. But what they also have is friggin’ amazing skin. Now I hear what you are saying. They probably invest thousands of dollars into their skincare routines, and with the […]

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Microdermabrasion 101

More popular than an acai bowl with a low fat soy mocchachino on the Gold Coast, microdermabrasion’s are fast becoming the trendy new pamper procedure, but what exactly is it doing? How regularly should you be getting it done? When will my boyfriend notice my new haircut? Grab yourselves a pen and paper, I’m about […]

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Your New Go-To

If Australia were to have their own Kate and Wills, I’m going to say it would be Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake. The comedic couple reign supreme over most of Australia’s hearts and well they should. Talented, funny, parents to the most adorable most adorable son(ny), down to earth (plus Hamish even has a bit […]

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I Always Fall For Your Type…

The makeup world is full of beautiful colors, from fire hydrant reds to deep plums and vibrant oranges. Yet here I am having to openly admit that yes, I bypass these beautiful colours and am immediately drawn to the earthy tones and  end up falling for the same damn colour I fell for last time. […]

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