Top 4 Fragrance’s


If there is a compliment greater than, wow you smell amazing you’ve got to let me know because as far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the most heart fluttering things someone could say. Fragrance is something you can use to define yourself and have people remember you by. I know my mum smells like J’adore by Dior, my sister smells like Black Opium by YSL and after a long day, my stepdad smells like Corona.

Personally, I am very picky with fragrances, can’t be too spicy, too woody, too girly or too this smells like something you clean a toilet with… *cough* Chanel Number 5 *cough*.

Here are my top 4 fragrance items that have passed the test of my extremely fussy taste!


Alien- Thierry Mugler

This is my absolute favourite. It is unlike anything else I have ever smelt before and believe it or not, it took me about four years to purchase it! (I have however only had one day since then that I haven’t worn it..) This EDP has notes of Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran wood, amber gris that combine to create a scent that leaves you wanting more. Next time you stroll past David Jones, try it out for yourself. If you can wait as long as four years to purchase it like I did, I’ll give you a prize.


Mojave Ghost – By Redo

Luxury brand By Redo is renowned for its unique, minimalistic and evoking fragrances. By Redo- which roughly translates to English as by reminiscing, was started by an artist who designed and drew inspiration for his fragrances by different memories or ideas. Mojave Ghost is designed for a flower that grows in the Mojave Desert. It is floral and woody at the same time, giving it a feminine feel with a strong edge. It also has a matching hair fragrance that amplifies the scent!


Oh Lola! – Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! Launched in 2011 and is described as lively, playful, irresistible, stylish and cheerful. It is quite a sweet fragrance that has fruity and floral with a hint of an aquatic scent. It’s an amazing scent for summer if you like smellin’ a lil bit sweet!



Another one of Marc Jacobs floral fragrances, Daisy is fresher than Oh Lola! and slightly less fruity. It dances on the edge of being classic but still modern and definitely doesn’t over power. Again, another amazing summer scent that looks beautiful sitting up on a vanity!

Hopefully, you have some new fragrances on your ‘to smell’ list for Christmas! By this time of year, you may even be able to grab some the perfumes in gift sets that come with some extra bits and bobs. You may also be able to put it on your Christmas wish list.. thanks, Santa 😉


I Always Fall For Your Type…


The makeup world is full of beautiful colors, from fire hydrant reds to deep plums and vibrant oranges. Yet here I am having to openly admit that yes, I bypass these beautiful colours and am immediately drawn to the earthy tones and  end up falling for the same damn colour I fell for last time. I, Madeline, admit, most of my lipsticks and eye shadows range from brown, to taupe, to cream to nude. How thrilling.

Nude colors definitely do have their place in your makeup bag though. Particularly in Australia, many of our major faces are fans of nude shades. Unlike some of the more exciting colour choices, nudes give you a more natural earthy feel that feed right into the classic Australian beachy/girl next door vibe we see splashed all over Marie Claire, Harpers Bazar and Vogue Australia. See Below for some Australian beachy/girl next door vibe inspo (aka vibespo)

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Fun morning with the beautiful @rebeccalharding & @danielpstylist for today's photoshoot #melbournemakeupartist

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The beauty industry has figured out a million shades of (lets call it what it is) brown, and you have the luxury of picking ones that were practically made for you.

Have fun with nude colours, they enhance beauty in ways other shades could only dream of. Think about your eye colour, skin undertone or if you don’t know that, your preferred jewellery colour (silver – cool toned nudes or gold- warm toned nudes) when choosing your perfect hues and don’t stop looking till you find it!

(And no matter how many times your family rolls your eyes at you because you’ve bought home another lipstick that “looks like all of your other bloody lipsticks” I’m right there with you, keep on collecting sista).

 Here are my top picks for nude shades.

Pinky Nudie’s:

Pinky Nudes.jpeg


Suratte Beauty Automatique Lip Crayon- Celestine 

Chanticaille Hydro Chic – Fairy Moss 

MAC Glaze- Hue 

Hourglass- Femme Nude Stylo- No. 6

Brownie Nudie’s



MAC Luster- Jubilee 

NARS Audacious Lipstick- Barbra 

Ultimate Companions



MAC Lip Pencil- Spice (remember when Kylie Jenner mentioned this and there was a world wide shortage..)

MAC Lip Pencil -Soar 




Stilla Eye’s are the Window to the Soul Palette- Mind 

Too Faced Natural Matte 



NEW IN BEAUTY: Lit From Within Sheet Masks from Mecca Cosmetica Signature Line

If you are after a face-mask that illuminates, brightens, freshens and creates that lit from within glow… you’ve come to the right place.

If you are after a face-mask that makes you look even more like a serial killer than your run of the mill charcoal mask… you’ve also come to the right place.

A new launch for the Mecca Cosmetica Signature Line, the Lit From Within gel sheet mask oozes with skin loving white flower brightening and vitamin c ingredients to create a b.y.o wind machine worthy luminosity (you know what I mean). The hydro-gel delivery system evenly distributes all that goodness across your skin, fading scarring and pigmentation to deliver a bright, radiant and more even skin tone…. sign me up, amiright?!

After taking off in Korea, sheet masks have been dubbed the d.i.y spa. Besides creating a slight resemblance to something from silence of the lambs, sheet masks have few downsides. Particularly when, like the lit from within masks, they are gel and can mold to even the tiniest of pea heads *cough cough*. To help with this, the sheet mask is separated into two parts, allowing it to be adjusted, because lord knows if you share the pea head gene you look like a damn child in regular ‘human sized’ sheet masks.. pfft…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
yes… it’s very weird looking. But so is your uncle bob
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.59.30 PM
See two parts! Amazing! Ground Breaking! Pea-Head safe! 


Check it out and give it a go before your next big event. Just be sure to apply that SPF ++ to protect against UVA & UVB rays to ensure that glow isn’t stolen and turned into scarring or hyper pigmentation by that giant glow ball in the sky (the sun for those who didn’t follow my stunning description there).



Lasers & Lightsabers

We all have things that we want to change about ourselves. Although I think there is beauty in everybody …if you don’t like something, why the heck not fix it?! Things such as dark spots, scarring, broken capillaries, lack of a unicorn horn (kidding, you can’t get that) are all able to be eased or remedied.

For myself, it was a couple of broken capillaries. These are common among heavy smokers and drinkers (I don’t smoke or drink heavily… I’d just look dorky smoking and am a notorious lightweight) but can also be hereditary (Ding! Ding! Ding! Thanks Mum!)

At first I thought that my decision to get this done was going to mean the sale of at least one kidney and up to six painful treatments but luckily I am writing this with all organs accounted for and I’m so thrilled with the result, the smell of burning flesh has already left my memory! (again, I kid however any pain I did feel has been forgotten.)

The ladies at The Layt Clinic on the Gold Coast Molly and Sam, were lovely (and answered my many questions on Aspect Dr skincare prior to my appointment, bonus points). Sam, who was in charge of the laser made me feel super comfortable and eased my nerves. She also got it done quickly and efficiently whilst still letting me have a moment every now and again to steel my resolve. After ten minutes of beeping and laser firing- I was done!

After being bugged by them for so long I am so happy with the result and it’s looking like I won’t need a touch up for quite some time!






Ps. I’m sorry but I forgot to mention anything about light sabers, mainly because I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars. In fact I once bought pajamas for two fans of star wars that said ‘treck yourself, before you wreck yourself’ and it took me until I got into the car to realize that I had gotten merchandise from the wrong movie franchise #truestory).

The New Cleansing Trend On The Block

If I get asked for a cleanser recommendation, I’m almost guaranteed to respond with some kind of oil. To some, this is absolutely shocking and is usually followed by statements such as, isn’t that what I’m trying to get off my face? No, no I have oily skin get that stuff away from me! Will that give me a squeaky clean feeling? I love that squeaky clean feeling.

For most women, when we wash our face, we are not only washing off the dirt and oil that has accumulated over the day; we are also washing off a number of layers of makeup. Primers, foundations, concealers… the list goes on. Point is, sometimes regular cleansers just don’t cut it.

To make a long story short, oil cleansers use good oils to remove bad oils, leaving your skin balanced and happy. Whilst also removing makeup at the same time.

On the other hand, regular cleansers can often leave your skin stripped of its natural oils. Whilst they do provide a squeaky clean feeling, particularly if a skin is on the oilier side, your skin will start to over compensate by producing more oil. This cycle can be extremely frustrating and can be compared to talking to much after you’ve already said the wrong thing in front of the cute guy, until you’ve eventually embarrassed yourself enough to start goggling real estate options a few states over.

Oily skins hear me out- I know you’ll be the hardest to convince. It did take me a while to get use to the feeling of putting an oil on my face after a long day when I would normally be reaching for the cleanser that gives me that o so satisfying squeaky clean feeling. However- once you clean it off your face and you can see and feel how soft and glowy your skin is you’ll be sold!

For those who are prone to blemishes or acne. An oil cleanser can be your new best friend too. Think about oil and water, just like your aunty and her ex husband. They don’t mix. Oil is able to penetrate deeper into the pore, giving your cleanser a much better chance at making a difference.

Dry skins, I feel like you’ll already be searching the pages of mecca for different products- don’t worry! I’ve left some suggestions below so there’s no need. As you probably know already, dry skins lack oil in the skin, so a cleanser that won’t make your skin dryer will be a lovely surprise for it, and you could even notice a change in the sensitivity and redness in your skin!

How to use oil cleansers:

(This is essential because they are unlike regular cleansers. I spent about a week using it the wrong way and was equitably un-impressed.)

  1. With a dry face and hands, pump product into hands and begin massaging into face, taking special care around that delicate eye area.
  2. When you feel as though you have covered your face, wet your hands and continue to massage the oil into your skin. When the water mixes with the oil it will emulsify and turn into a milk. This step could also be replaced with a Clarisonic, using it in the same manner.
  3. Wash off and repeat if you feel as though your skin needs an extra clean.
  4. Say hello to your beautiful skin! (Or don’t- if someone walked into the bathroom to find you essentially talking to yourself, they’ll probably think you’re a bit strange).



1- NUDE Cleansing oil

2- Bobbie Brown Cleansing Oil

3- Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Oil

4- SK-II Cleansing Oil


You’re Prada not Nada!

One of the things I believe most people struggle with is feeling comfortable in their own skin. I feel like it comes down to the old idea that we all want what we don’t have. The shorter girl (I have a lot of experience in this area being an enormous 5 foot 4.5 inches tall –for the love of god don’t forget the .5) wants to be beautifully tall and statuesque, while the taller girl wants to be little and cute. The girl with beautiful bouncy curls spends half an hour in the morning with her GHD straightening her hair wishing she didn’t have to deal with such a wild barnett, while the girl with straight hair spends the same amount of time curling it wishing she was born with the volume and bounce of curly hair. The only person who doesn’t abide by this law of nature is ‘Becky with the Good Hair’- but that’s okay, I heard she was a bit of a b*tch anyway..

I also feel like society and media today are constantly re-enforcing this ( a groundbreaking opinion I know..) making it even harder to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Next time you catch yourself thinking about something like that, just pause for a moment and realize that even that leggy girl with 50k followers on Instagram probably wishes that she could change certain parts of herself and can experience the same insecurities as you. Unless she’s a complete a**hole, in which case, unfollow immediately for societies sake, we don’t need that on our feed.

Stop focusing on the negative thoughts about yourself in your head and start thinking about how you have an awesome smile and amazing legs for boots. Remember- never stop smiling because you never know who’s in love with it *gags* but it’s true. Its like when your friend comes over panicking because they have a small mountain of a pimple growing on their face, and you genuinely hadn’t noticed it until they pointed it out. (If you did notice it however, I would recommend Eve Lom Dynaspot– it works wonders and will have that mountain looking like a speed bump in no time- as a result of this you’re friend will also think you are an advice wizard and you’ll gain at least 100+ friend points). Back to the point, sometimes when you obsess about something it becomes a focus in all of your thoughts and can literally take over your day.. Stop That!

In the words of Ru Paul, if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else… can I get an Amen?!

For further entertainment here’s Ru Pauls “Can I get an Amen” – LOVE